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    Phenrx + Phenrx PM “Day & Night” Combo

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    Daytime Fat Loss Boost with a Night Time Friendly Partner

    During the day our ultra potent Phenrx diet pills stimulate your body and rev up your natural metabolism to burn more calories. Through thermogenisis, appetite suppression and other mechanism our morning and afternoon pill is a sure fire way to burn a ton more Calories. Phenrx PM steps in where the original tapers off, allowing you a less stimulating and more night time friendly approach to weight loss supplementation to ensure 24-hour results from our PhenRX brand products.

    Stacking our day time & night time diet pills together:

    Our PhenRX Combo Stack allows you to take advantage of this 24/7 duo at the same time. Buy together today and get a nice chunk of change removed from the prices of both bottles. We wan't you to experience the Phenrx+PhenrxPM difference and offering you an unbeatable price is the best way we could think of to help you do that.
    $89.99 $64.99
    5 out of 5
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    Phenrx “Ultimate” Stack


    Rapid Results with Phenrx "Ultimate" Weight Loss Stack

    Taking our 4 best selling, Phenrx brand diet and weight loss supplements and packaging them together for bonus savings and dramatic results. Our 4 products work in 4 completely unique delivery systems to ensure you are receiving Phenrx's highly touted weight loss benefits from a variety of mechanisms all day long. Every product has it's own unique benefits and the result of adding all 4 together is fast, dramatic weight loss results in a fraction of the time of conventional fat loss systems

    4 High End Products Coming Together:

    We have created the Phenrx Ultimate Stack to be one of the most complete and thorough weight loss stacks available in 2016. We were already topping the best seller and highest rated charts with each of these 4 products... and now with cheaper bundle pricing you can experience fat loss and diet results like never before.
    Included in the Phenrx Ultimate Stack
    $159.99 $123.16
    5 out of 5
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    Xenitol “Ultimate” Fat Loss Stack

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    Our best selling Xenitol "carb and fat blocking" diet supplements somehow just managed to get even better... with special bundle pricing and the Xenitol Ultimate Carb/Fat Blocker Stack. Each of these products on their own has been shown to be highly effective in aiding in weight loss and management through a variety of mechanisms such as influencing fatty acid and carbohydrate utilization and metabolic function– and when used together – the trifecta of Xenitol products just seems to gain momentum rather than produce diminishing and competing results. The secret is in the 3 unique delivery methods found in the Xenitol Carb and Fat Blocking Diet Stack. The cornerstone of the package- our chart topping Xenitol weight control pills, work incredibly well with our new and improved liquid diet drop formula and 24-hour sustained released Xenitol Topical patches... Providing all day results that cover and positively influence most every aspect of carbohydrate abd fat storage, mobilization and metabolism in the average human system.


    We’re so confident in our Xenitol product roster that we have attached a money back guarantee and further reduced the already rock bottom prices, with some addition limited-time discounts to the entire package of products. We want everyone to be able to afford and see firsthand what makes Nexgen’s Xenitol product series different – to figure out if an extremely high potency carb / fat blocking product is the answer or part of the equation as to why they haven't been achieving the diet and fat loss goals they have set to... at least not yet! WHATS INCLUDED IN THE XENITOL CARB BLOCKING ULTIMATE STACK?
    $119.99 $92.34
    5 out of 5