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    Testosterone Booster Stack

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    We stuck gold with both our testosterone boosting supplements in 2015, formulating products that the public loved and shared openly due to amazing results at a more than fair price. Now for 2016 we wanted to give back to the community that made our best selling test booster supplements so popular over the last 15 months. For a limited time you can get both Nexgen Vigor XL & Testerol male, libido and testosterone enhancement supplements together at a special discounted price. We dubbed the marriage of these two ultra potent nutraceuticals, the Nexgen Testosterone Booster Stack, and for a limited time you can try both out for an additional 10% off their already discounted pricing. See for yourself what the fuss has been about!


    When we first looked at combining these two individually proven products, together, we weren't sure if it would produce diminishing returns as they worked towards a similar goal. Thanks to some feedback and discussion posted by customers in message boards and blogs online however, we noticed that some people we're experiencing increased performance of both products when used in unison, they seemed convinced they were better used at the same time or alternating days. Both formulas vary in several ways and it appears the two products may have a synergistic, cooperative effect, rather than competing for the same goal. This insight lead to us offering up this limited time product stack and discount offer... to help us gather more feedback from our customers and see how we can improve our supplement formulas and line moving forward! So please leave your thoughts, research and own review of this combination if you decide to take advantage of this new special combo price tag. ABOUT TESTEROL & VIGOR XL
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    Vigor XL “Ultimate” Male Enhancement Stack


    One Amazing Product Line - 3 Unique Delivery Methods

    Nexgen's Vigor XL is a highly successful and praised libido and male enhancement supplement line. For a limited time you can pack all 3 of our unique Vigor XL products: the original dietary capsules, improved absorption liquid drops & 24-hour sustained released topical patches into one super male enhancement stack and receive an awesome 15% off all 3 products already discounted price tags. Each of these products on their own has been collecting loads of positive feedback, comments and user experiences around the web for a while now. But were noticing a continual trend in customers who have combined 2 or all 3 of our Vigor XL brand products and swearing by there increased individual performance. We would expect to see some diminishing results on our high end male and libido enhancing supplements, but the customers have convinced us otherwise with their reviews and reports! Learn more about each of our male enhancement products below and see for yourself why this combination pack, with an additional discount for all 3 products, is something we're not considering leaving up for long or at least at this rock bottom price tags.

    Combining 3 Unique Delivery Methods.

    While the heart of Vigor Xl'S results and formula is found in all three formulations of this product, each delivery method presents its own benefits that probably explains the large fa-nbase combining two or al three of the families products. The original male enhancement pill are a staple and have the most praise surrounding them, but other customers swear by the increased digestion of the liquid drop form as well as the controlled all day release of the topical patch formulation. WHAT'S INSIDE THE NEXGEN VIGOR XL ULTIMATE STACK?
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    5 out of 5