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    Focus & Concentration Stack

    best concentration supplement stackGet the Mental Edge! (or level the playing field) Nexgen's concentration and focus supplmenet stack takes two of our best selling neuro-enchantment products in AdderRX and Focus FX... and offers them in a package deal for shoppers looking to break mental barriers and get a sweet discount in the process. Whether your an overwhelmed student trying to catch up on studying or an executive looking for an edge on your workload... Nexgen's Focus & Concentration Supplement stack is a discounted combination of two products you can trust!
    $99.99 $61.58
    5 out of 5
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    Phenrx + Phenrx PM “Day & Night” Combo

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    Daytime Fat Loss Boost with a Night Time Friendly Partner

    During the day our ultra potent Phenrx diet pills stimulate your body and rev up your natural metabolism to burn more calories. Through thermogenisis, appetite suppression and other mechanism our morning and afternoon pill is a sure fire way to burn a ton more Calories. Phenrx PM steps in where the original tapers off, allowing you a less stimulating and more night time friendly approach to weight loss supplementation to ensure 24-hour results from our PhenRX brand products.

    Stacking our day time & night time diet pills together:

    Our PhenRX Combo Stack allows you to take advantage of this 24/7 duo at the same time. Buy together today and get a nice chunk of change removed from the prices of both bottles. We wan't you to experience the Phenrx+PhenrxPM difference and offering you an unbeatable price is the best way we could think of to help you do that.
    $89.99 $64.99
    5 out of 5
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    Phenrx “Ultimate” Stack


    Rapid Results with Phenrx "Ultimate" Weight Loss Stack

    Taking our 4 best selling, Phenrx brand diet and weight loss supplements and packaging them together for bonus savings and dramatic results. Our 4 products work in 4 completely unique delivery systems to ensure you are receiving Phenrx's highly touted weight loss benefits from a variety of mechanisms all day long. Every product has it's own unique benefits and the result of adding all 4 together is fast, dramatic weight loss results in a fraction of the time of conventional fat loss systems

    4 High End Products Coming Together:

    We have created the Phenrx Ultimate Stack to be one of the most complete and thorough weight loss stacks available in 2016. We were already topping the best seller and highest rated charts with each of these 4 products... and now with cheaper bundle pricing you can experience fat loss and diet results like never before.
    Included in the Phenrx Ultimate Stack
    $159.99 $123.16
    5 out of 5
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    Testosterone Booster Stack

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    We stuck gold with both our testosterone boosting supplements in 2015, formulating products that the public loved and shared openly due to amazing results at a more than fair price. Now for 2016 we wanted to give back to the community that made our best selling test booster supplements so popular over the last 15 months. For a limited time you can get both Nexgen Vigor XL & Testerol male, libido and testosterone enhancement supplements together at a special discounted price. We dubbed the marriage of these two ultra potent nutraceuticals, the Nexgen Testosterone Booster Stack, and for a limited time you can try both out for an additional 10% off their already discounted pricing. See for yourself what the fuss has been about!


    When we first looked at combining these two individually proven products, together, we weren't sure if it would produce diminishing returns as they worked towards a similar goal. Thanks to some feedback and discussion posted by customers in message boards and blogs online however, we noticed that some people we're experiencing increased performance of both products when used in unison, they seemed convinced they were better used at the same time or alternating days. Both formulas vary in several ways and it appears the two products may have a synergistic, cooperative effect, rather than competing for the same goal. This insight lead to us offering up this limited time product stack and discount offer... to help us gather more feedback from our customers and see how we can improve our supplement formulas and line moving forward! So please leave your thoughts, research and own review of this combination if you decide to take advantage of this new special combo price tag. ABOUT TESTEROL & VIGOR XL
    $89.99 $65.98
    5 out of 5
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    Hair Regrowth Supplement Stack


    A Hair Regrowth & Nourishment Dynamic Duo

    We have taken our two best selling hair regrowth supplements and products and combined them together for additional savings and even more dramatic results. Both Mynoxidrin and Propidol hair thickening and growth shampoo have been highly rated by themselves and when you combine them together, the results only GROW. Mynoxidrin tackles a massive amount of possible agitating factors and deficiencies with its over 20 unique phamaceutical grade ingredients - while Propidol Hair Growth Shampoo works alongside it ensuring a full spectrum approach to problematic hair loss and thinning.

    Merging Our 2 Top Of The Line Hair Products to Save

    Stack these products today and save an additional 10% off both's already discounted prices. You would have a hard time finding a better hair nourishment and regrowth system at this price before... and now with the Nexgen Hair Growth Stack... we don't know if you'd be able to. What's in the Nexgen Hair Growth Stack?
    $89.99 $62.18
    5 out of 5
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    Joint Pain & Health Stack



    Nexgen's Joint Pain Supplement Stack brings two battle tested joint health and pain supplements together and offers them in a package price that is hard to ignore. Our Flexadrene product combines 24 key active ingredients that have each been shown and researched to aid in overall joint health and pain relief. Combining this wide spectrum, maximum strength blend of proven high quality ingredients with one of the worlds most highly praised compounds in Turmeric / Curcumin has seen some of our customers reverse and stall joint degradation to a nearly unfathomable degree. Turmeric Pro uses the highest quality turmeric extract (rated as the world most health benefiting compounds by various authority sources) to deliver a massive host of health factors that work synergistically with Flexadrene's special 24 ingredient blend to offer an amazing 1-2 punch in not just joint pain relief and health, but dozens of other full body health benefits as well.


    The two work so well together we offer the Nexgen Joint Health & Pain Supplement Stack with a 100% money back guarantee. You literally have nothing to lose trying this amazingly dynamic duo and a whole lot to gain! WHAT EXACTLY IS INCLUDED AGAIN?
    $79.99 $52.78
    5 out of 5
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    Vigor XL “Ultimate” Male Enhancement Stack


    One Amazing Product Line - 3 Unique Delivery Methods

    Nexgen's Vigor XL is a highly successful and praised libido and male enhancement supplement line. For a limited time you can pack all 3 of our unique Vigor XL products: the original dietary capsules, improved absorption liquid drops & 24-hour sustained released topical patches into one super male enhancement stack and receive an awesome 15% off all 3 products already discounted price tags. Each of these products on their own has been collecting loads of positive feedback, comments and user experiences around the web for a while now. But were noticing a continual trend in customers who have combined 2 or all 3 of our Vigor XL brand products and swearing by there increased individual performance. We would expect to see some diminishing results on our high end male and libido enhancing supplements, but the customers have convinced us otherwise with their reviews and reports! Learn more about each of our male enhancement products below and see for yourself why this combination pack, with an additional discount for all 3 products, is something we're not considering leaving up for long or at least at this rock bottom price tags.

    Combining 3 Unique Delivery Methods.

    While the heart of Vigor Xl'S results and formula is found in all three formulations of this product, each delivery method presents its own benefits that probably explains the large fa-nbase combining two or al three of the families products. The original male enhancement pill are a staple and have the most praise surrounding them, but other customers swear by the increased digestion of the liquid drop form as well as the controlled all day release of the topical patch formulation. WHAT'S INSIDE THE NEXGEN VIGOR XL ULTIMATE STACK?
    $119.99 $87.98
    5 out of 5
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    Anti-Aging Product Stack


    3 Anti-Aging Skin & Beauty Products Working Together.

    The Nexgen Anti-Aging Serum & Supplement Stack combines three highly advanced and clinically researched products at a price that somehow creates even more savings over the individual products already rock bottom price tags. Oculift, Renuvaderm & Dermalift each on their own have been topping the highest rated beauty and skin product charts and now with a chance to combine all three for a further discount, you have at your disposal an extremely complete skin care and anti-aging lineup. Don't just take our word for it, with prices this low and a money back guarantee anyways, you can see for yourself what all the hype has been about on each of these products all at once with our amazingly priced Anti-Aging product stack.

    Take 3 Best Sellers & Combine Them??

    We weren't quite sure if we wanted to offer something so strong for so little, but ultimately decided that the drastic results and changes our customers would experience would make our 3 best selling skin and beauty products even more popular. Learn more about Oculift, Renuvaderm and Dermalift serum below and be sure to take advantage of this combination pricing before we have second guesses on this rock bottom package price. WHAT IS INSIDE THE NEXGEN ANTI-AGING SKIN CARE STACK?
    $79.99 $55.41
    5 out of 5
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    Xenitol “Ultimate” Fat Loss Stack

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    Our best selling Xenitol "carb and fat blocking" diet supplements somehow just managed to get even better... with special bundle pricing and the Xenitol Ultimate Carb/Fat Blocker Stack. Each of these products on their own has been shown to be highly effective in aiding in weight loss and management through a variety of mechanisms such as influencing fatty acid and carbohydrate utilization and metabolic function– and when used together – the trifecta of Xenitol products just seems to gain momentum rather than produce diminishing and competing results. The secret is in the 3 unique delivery methods found in the Xenitol Carb and Fat Blocking Diet Stack. The cornerstone of the package- our chart topping Xenitol weight control pills, work incredibly well with our new and improved liquid diet drop formula and 24-hour sustained released Xenitol Topical patches... Providing all day results that cover and positively influence most every aspect of carbohydrate abd fat storage, mobilization and metabolism in the average human system.


    We’re so confident in our Xenitol product roster that we have attached a money back guarantee and further reduced the already rock bottom prices, with some addition limited-time discounts to the entire package of products. We want everyone to be able to afford and see firsthand what makes Nexgen’s Xenitol product series different – to figure out if an extremely high potency carb / fat blocking product is the answer or part of the equation as to why they haven't been achieving the diet and fat loss goals they have set to... at least not yet! WHATS INCLUDED IN THE XENITOL CARB BLOCKING ULTIMATE STACK?
    $119.99 $92.34
    5 out of 5
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    Digestion & Cleanse Stack


    Complete Multi-Action Cleanse & Detox Supplement Stack

    Combining two of our very best cleanse and detox supplements in Purifux and Probiopure, Nexgen has created a multi-action complete gastrointestinal health and cleansing supplement stack at a price that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Our ultra potent formulas and pharmaceutical grade ingredients combine in the Nexgen digestion and cleanse supplement stack to offer consumers a truly full range digestion and intestinal health product. Both of these products on their own can have life changing health benefits for the right people and when used together and stacked for additional discount pricing, it makes the Nexgen Cleansing Supplement stack an obvious choice for lots of shoppers.

    Two different products - 1 extreme result:

    The gut and intestinal system of the body is complex and diverse. Modern lifestyle and diet has seen an alarming rate of health decline due to good and bad bacteria balance in our gut flora and in the body's accumulation of toxins. Combining Purifex and Probiopure in this discount stack offering allows you to tackle multiple angles of digestional and intenstinal health and almost ensure you will see an improvement in your overall health and vitality. INCLUDED IN THE NEXGEN CLEANSE & DETOX STACK:
    $89.99 $52.78
    5 out of 5
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    Energy & Workout Supplement Stack



    Nexgen’s Extreme Energy & Pre-Workout Supplement Stack takes two of our best selling nutraceutical products and combines them together in a discounted combo deal. Individually these products have been huge hits due to there awesome benefits in regards to improving energy and workout results… but together they combine in a synergistic fashion to bring out even more of their potential! If you have been looking for an advanced, affordable and most importantly effective energy or workout supplement, check out Nexgen’s products risk free and then let the results speak for themselves in short time!


    JetRush gives you a clean, lasting, surge of powerful physical and mental energy while testorol helps you squeeze the most value out of every single rep or action you take. The two together then work side-by-side to offer up a pre-workout supplement or just daily life energy enhancement that is hard to ignore! Your friends are going to know somethings different in a couple of weeks, will you share your secret ‘shortcut’ with them? INCLUDED IN THIS COMBO PACKAGE
    $99.99 $65.99
    5 out of 5